Thursday, September 19, 2019

Season of the Subliminal

I've spoken at lengths about my love for Halloween 3, I think that was the bulk of the Halloween 2017 season here on the site. If you look past the weirdness of being a Halloween without Michael Myers, you'll see that it's basically Halloween TV Special the movie. It basks in the theme of Halloween so much that local TV stations used to use clips of it to advertise their own Halloween programing. It's wonderful... and a little stupid.

So of course I like commercials and trailers. It's a big part of this site, well, watching the original theatrical trailer the other day... I heard something I hadn't noticed before. Mind you, I've seen this same clip a million times, so finding something new (to me) is kinda amazing. I was putting together my Lunchables Uploaded sandwich and heard something faint. What was that? I restarted the video and turned up the volume... There's clearly a voice whispering the name of the movie throughout the trailer.

In my childhood when satanic panic was gripping the suburbs and parents were running their kids records backwards to see if Iron Maiden had subliminal message. Horror movies was another alleged gateway to satanism according to the pamphlets. Here it is all these years later and I finally find a subliminal message. And that message it watch the dang movie currently being advertised.

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