Friday, September 20, 2019

Mega Mini

Earlier this morning (yesterday for you) I got my SEGA Genesis Mini. In case you've missed it before, I work over night. As in from around 6:30pm to 7am normally, that's why my today and your today may differ some (I also schedule posts in advance). What that means in this case is, I was off work right as stores were opening. Near my work is both a Walmart and Target. I went to the Walmart first as they're 24 hours.

Now, I could have went around midnight which is usually when I take my lunch, but as I've learned in the past, it's impossible to buy anything at midnight release at this Walmart. They will never have it ready for sale until the morning for any reason. It's not even worth trying and complaints to customer service go nowhere. So, I got there around 7:30am. I walked around the electronics department for a few minutes and couldn't see any Mini's. As I was leaving, I spotted the boxes behind the sections registers. I quickly go over to the nearby worker who's stocking DVD's and ask if I could buy it, and they said sure. Then it wasn't it in the system and I was told it was a recall dammit to hell.

Here's the Walmart curse, somehow when the employees stock, they don't always do whatever it is in the computer that they've done it or something. What then happens is it's not available for sale. You will be able to fly directly from your feet to Mars without any rocket propulsion before the cashier will not assume it's a recall and get mad at you for trying to buy a product on their shelves. I then politely said 'Today's the release date, it's just probably not in there yet, is there a manager?' The cashier then told me that today, the 19th was not the 19th, and that meant it was not to be sold until tonight at midnight. And then got mad when I said that would then be the 20th. Then they told me things don't come out on Thursdays and at that point I told them to never mind and left for Target.

I got to the Target just as they were opening. Went right to the electronics section. They neither had any on shelf, but hey, it was probably behind a counter or something. They did just open after all. After a moment I saw an employee, asked, and they called the electronics employee who was in fact getting them from the back room. I got my Mini, a Mtn Dew, and some cool Halloween cat treats and went home. They call it Target because they're on point, you see.

I got home and unfortunately didn't really have time to play my new console. I ate something and laid down for some sleep. Don't worry, I'm going to play the hell out of it. I did take time to open up the box and admire the console and controllers. It comes with two 3 button controllers made from the original molds. The original Genesis 3 button controller is my all time favorite controller and boy it's awesome to open a brand new set of them. This weekend I plan to buy one of the 6 button controllers available. Hopefully I'll be able to score one of those cool translucent blue ones, it looks awesome. I've seen some wireless ones already that look like Saturn controllers, and that's very tempting.

I really want a Mega Tower Mini set to go with this so bad. I've been looking around and have a pretty good feeling it will end up on that Christmas list my wife wants me to make for her. Sure, it's just a silly toy, but damn it's cool. It's funny, no matter how many newer consoles I buy, I can never leave behind the 8 and 16 bit eras. I honestly never get tired of playing those games and get excited for every new way to play them. Holding a brand new SEGA made Genesis in my hands is pure joy for me.

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