Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Freddy can boost store profits!

Unless you're a lot younger than I realize, I don't have to remind many of you of the joys of a video rental store. While I usually stuck around the horror section in those golden VHS days, come Halloween time, that was the most popular location in the store. Everybody wanted something scary to watch Halloween night while eating a Tombstone pizza. It's just an ideal way to spend the evening while trick or treating the kids. Usually people went for the heavy hitters, Michael, Jason, Leatherface, and of course Freddy.

Well, did you know Freddy was a very profitable character? Not just in theaters, but especially on home video? In the case of the video above... well, Freddy is a smash hit money maker who's the talk of the town. You can count on his movies making your store a TON of money... especially at Halloween.

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