Thursday, September 26, 2019

Fire, wood, lame dealer

I've had Battle Beast Chariots on my mind today. Instead of asking myself why, instead I chose to bask in the glory of little cat head cars. I could say here again that I wished the line would return again, but you know I do and I'm sure you do as well. Fortunately there's plenty of homages and similar toys to help fill that void. I am instantly reminded of Shawn and I's little Battle Beast adventure at Toylanta this past spring though.

Last year, we both racked up on Beast Saga figures via the awesome dealer who sets up a giant display of baskets with grouped together toys. This past year, they were a little harder to find. As Saturday marched on, Shawn got in a conversation with a dealer who had promised to bring a bunch of Battle Beasts Sunday. He told me that evening and we made plans to hit that table first off and clear that mofo out. Battle Beasts are like the N.W.O, they're for life. Unlike the N.W.O, we don't have to figure out what Stings up to. Sting wasn't being very clear. Wolfpac or not dude. Wolfpac or not.

Sunday morning came and I was running a little late getting to the con thanks to traffic, but Shawn had stayed at the hotel and got to the guy first thing. As I was walking in he found me with the look of cold blooded murder in his eyes. The dealer lied. Not a one. Not a single fire, wood, nor water. It was then and there we shot the guy and fed his asshole to his children. I'm lying, we just sulked a bit and his asshole eating children went hungry,

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