Thursday, August 29, 2019

Super Surprise!

I love mini figures and keshi is my favorite format. From M.U.S.C.L.E to Decoys to other little rubber guys, it's just perfect for a blind bag or vending machine. Super 7 is a great company I've been a fan of sine discovering their magazine in the early 2000's. Clearly on the same wavelength I'm on, the company makes great products that I love. Their various keshi lines are perfect. Great sculpts in a variety of colors and characters. While I'm focusing on Transformers here, their other lines are just as wonderful. Universal Monsters (heart), Masters of the Universe (awesome), The Worst (their own rad creation), and Peanuts (so awesome) are just some of the epic selection they offer. They do keshi right.

The toys are usually available in various multi-packs or in blind boxes under the Keshi Surprise! line. Keshi Suprise! come in great little boxes (I appreciate good looking packaging). Inside the box is a little baggie containing your figure and a cool sticker of the character similar to buying keshi in a Gashapon machine. Super 7 has street cred, that's legit dope. Gashapon machines are not a common thing here in America sadly. Occasionally a specialty shop will have them (I used to clear a local shops machine out until the place eventually closed), but the closest we normally have is gumball style machines which results vary.

While I'm ok ordering from the Super 7 store, boy I'd love to grab a handful of these at Target or Five Below (which depending on your location, has carded M.U.S.C.L.E). Going out and hitting up my favorite blind toy spots is a good time. There's toy hunting and then there's blind toy hunting. Finding them at a store is only half the battle, there's also the gamble of whats inside. If there a code? Hope there's a code, if not I'm just grabbing a ton. Some people tour the world hunting for rare treasure, I scour the suburbs filling my drawstring backpack with little rubber dudes.

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