Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Super Armor Bros. Cyberverse Show

Cyberverse season 2 is starting in some parts of the world, I'm sure it'll start in mine soon enough. I'm really looking forward to it, I liked the first season quite a bit. The additions of the Spark Armor (which I've been calling Armor Bros... so now it's official, that's how this works right?) looks to add a lot of fun to the show as well as the added characters. Since the first seasons arc is over, I'm hoping for more direct into the action storytelling as now Bumblebee remembering stuff has pretty much caught us up to this point.

This past weekend (and earlier today) as I was hunting the G1 cassettes at local Walmarts, I passed up a few Cyberverse toys that I will most definitely get soon. I need more Armor Bros., I want that big ass Grimlock, Turbo Changers (mostly the Tiny Turbo variety, but a regular Hot Rod), and that's on top of the Siege stuff I want. It's nice to have so much on the shelves I want and also a little bit of a pain. There's a strange place between needing things and the store having nothing you need. That's usually reserved for a few months after Christmas, but it's weird feeling. "I'd like to buy something new, but there isn't anything new". Of course right now I'm swamped in stuff I want, so that weird feeling won't return anytime soon.

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