Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Make yo Scary Ass House with Play Doh

When it comes to Play Doh, I'm either here or there. I don't mess with it too often, maybe the occasional can for fun. When I was a kid, sure, I got my clay on. Even had a few sets. Scooby Doo, Return of the Jedi. Good stuff. Play Doh is good stuff, generally fun to play with. I always hear about how wonderful the scent is, and yeah, it smells great. After the Kenner designer panel at Toylanta this past year, turns out it's just vanilla. Also they apparently had a problem with rats eating it. Which is gross and kind of creepy, which leads us here. Play Doh is cute, but can it be scary? Well, in a cute way. But that's ok! Halloween is cute as well as scary! Halloween is everything it damn well wants to be.

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