Thursday, August 15, 2019

Haunted Abandoned Chapel

Urban Exploration/Urbex videos can be really fun. An abandoned house here, a dilapidated store there. The urban decay and relics of the lives formerly lived there can be fascinating, not to mention the elements of danger like the floor falling out from under you or random drugged out freak. Then there's where it gets scary. Sometimes they find body parts, blood, random ritualistic markings or remains of a ritual of some sort. In some videos there's paranormal threats and that's just freaky. I watch a lot of paranormal videos on the weekend. Can't say I 100% believe everything I'm seeing,  but I am usually 100% entertained. Often my favorite type of these "real sightings" videos are things like urbex, trail/dash cams, and CCTV footage. There's something about accidentally capturing something on video while doing something else. It's spooky and fun.

Honestly I relate with the guy making this video. If I'd seen that crap, I'd probably book it right out the door as well. Could it have been fake, yeah, but here I am still alive and not risking it in some abandoned building with whatever that was. Not to mention, what was that on the ceiling towards the end? That's probably even creepier. Sure the jump scare was pretty good, but whomever/whatever was in there, it was making sure he got out. Seeing something scary is one thing, realizing you're being profiled is another story.

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