Friday, July 19, 2019

Transformers SDCC 2019 reveals

Even more new Transformers products were shown off earlier today (yesterday depending on your schedule) and MAN! Adding to my Great Value BotCon of G1 reissues exclusive to Walmart stores is now the 35th anniversary toys will also be exclusive to Walmart! This is something I'm loving as like many of you I'm in Walmart every weekend as is, and well they've generally got the best prices. I was pretty worried I'd have to order from some odd web store, which means it would pretty much get poached the second the toys go up. Which not only would crash the site, but also sell out in a second. So unlike SDCC exclusives that are pretty hard to get when you have a busy schedule (no, I'm not taking time off to sit in front of a web page, I've said before I will not be punished for being a responsible adult), they'll be at my local Walmart! And honestly, I live in the south so I have plenty to choose from in a stones throw.

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