Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Dollar Rangers

I love running errands. Not all the time kind you, but every so often I'll find myself needing to run a few on a Monday morning and I really make the most of it. With my work schedule I really don't stop by any store aside from a gas station until the the weekend. So those occasional Monday morning runs really can feel like an adventure. A pair of basketball shorts and a t-shirt. Maybe a hoodie (weather depending) and my drawstring backpack and I'm off. Maybe I have to go to the post office and drop off a load at the Goodwill. Perhaps grab a few things we forgot to over the weekend or do a few things there wasn't any other time to do. Life is random.

While out I usually make a point to drop by local Family Dollar/Dollar General stores. Monday mornings are probably the best time to peruse their various discount wares. I've never made my love of discount store toys a secret here and usually those errand runs are the best time to partake in checking those out. The stores are usually not very packed and aside from the occasional weird look from the random disgruntled senior citizen (one flipped me off in the parking lot when I was looking for Transformers Authentics... I have no clue why), I can usually enjoy my visit in a pretty low key manner. Earlier today I was alerted to images of the new value channel Power Rangers figures from Hasbro.

I've been eyeing the similar Marvel, Star Wars, and DC figures at these stores with a lot of temptation. I did buy some of the RID 2015 from a few years back and they're very pleasant basic figures. The initial batch seems to be Beast Morphers flavored and I wonder if other Ranger teams will follow. Or wondering as the initial batch is the original three Rangers from the show if the others as well as the villains will make an appearance. I'd sure like a Blaze in this form factor (love that design).

They're super cool looking and probably the dipping point to get me buying more of these type figures. They're generally pretty low priced, so I can see myself buying one or two on a random trip out. Then one day realizing I've gotten them all somehow.

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