Friday, June 14, 2019

Godzilla Storms into Anime Matsuri this Weekend!

Godzilla Storms into Anime Matsuri this Weekend!

Anime Matsuri is an annual anime and Japanese culture convention based in Houston, Texas and will feature a ton of fun Godzilla activations for fans of all ages!

The events this weekend will include:
  • The 1st official pop-up of the Godzilla Store Tokyo, selling items normally not readily available in the US.  More info available here.
  • A Godzilla exhibition featuring the classic posters from every Godzilla movie and original artwork and story boards from the classic TOHO films
  • A Godzilla statue in the classic TOHO style
  • The Mechagodzilla suit use in the classic TOHO movies
  • EXCLUSIVE Godzilla Anime Matsuri T-Shirt
The Godzilla King of the Monsters Panel, Friday 8pm-9pm featuring motion capture actors from the film including:
o   TJ Storm (Godzilla)
o   Alan Maxson (King Ghidora - Right Head)
o   Jason Liles (King Ghidorah Center Head, Rodan)
o   Richard Dorton (King Ghidorah – Left Head)

Thanks to Rogers and Cowan for providing Zone Base with this news.

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