Sunday, June 9, 2019

A mammoth of a big deal

When I was in college Japanese Beast Wars was one of the coolest things to me. Still is. At the time the world was so new to me still and thanks to the internet becoming more and more a thing, Transformers from around the planet suddenly started becoming a big deal. I already loved Beast Wars, but I've always preferred traditional animation. Suddenly there was more Beast Wars with traditional animation. It didn't hurt that it looked so amazing either.

Big Convoy and Magmatron were just so bad ass that they became a rather big deal to me. Chances are if you're a Transformers fan, you enjoy the look of Optimus Prime. He's always been a really good looking robot and the combination of that Optimus look and the mammoth elements was awesome. After all these years it's still one of the most impressive looking Transformers toys in my eyes.

Then you have Magmatron, we've established I like dinosaurs and dinosaur based robots. Well, what if we had a dinosaur based team of villains led by a pile of dinosaurs? I knew you'd understand. Magmatron just looks crazy and imposing. Crazy, imposing, and amazing. It was hard to imagine such a figure that was made of three different dinosaurs at the time. How did it even work? Well, pretty complicatedly, but ultimately rewarding when I transformed mine for the first time.

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