Thursday, May 16, 2019

Micromaster Transports

I love small Transformers, you know this. Often I find myself wishing for more play sets to go with the current crop of Tiny TF on shelves. Titan Masters had the benefit of larger TF's having a base mode for them with their partners acting as vehicles (as well as the larger TF's). That was great. Now with Siege bringing me outright Mircomasters, I'd really love to have more to go with them.

The transports of the G1 Micromasters were wonderful and probably some of my favorite Micromasters related things. I've always liked when Optimus's trailer became a play set, with the transports, you had several 'trailers' with that functionality. It's a little silly to see a truck hop into it's trailer and fly around... but at this point we've already accepted so much that this seems completely normal.

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