Friday, May 3, 2019

In which I talk about the Beast Morphers team up epsiode

So, going around the rumor mill lately is a team up of current and past Power Rangers in an upcoming episode of Beast Morphers. This isn't too uncommon in Power Ranger series and with so many team up episodes in Super Sentai, the footage is available to make it happen. It wasn't really officially announced, just in the rumors as former Power Ranger actors were spotted in New Zealand where Beast Morphers (like most Power Rangers shows) is filmed. Well, non other than Austin St. John (the original Red Ranger) is said to be in an episode of Beast Morphers.

So the team up looks pretty much solid at this point and know what? I'm happy about that. I like the team up episodes and as generic as it may sound, MMPR is my favorite Power Rangers show. I never get tired of those episodes and that era, so seeing Jason show up in Beast Morphers (which I REALLY like) is a treat. Not to mention, since the footage is obviously coming from Kyoryuger vs Go Busters, that pretty much confirms the Dino Charge cast members being spotted near filming. Dino Charge is another PR series I REALLY like, so it will be great to see those Rangers in action again.

It's funny and just to once again prove my lack of organization, I don't always know what I'm going to write here each day. Sometimes I'll have a post in mind in advance, lot's of times I'm coming up with it not long before I write it. I'll have an idea, and either go with it or it turns into something else as I'm looking into that idea. Today as I was driving to work, I was thinking about Ranger Stop here in two months. I've been wanting to write something about Power Rangers all week, but didn't know what. Then wham damn the universe gave me a subject.

Whoop that ass.

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