Monday, May 13, 2019

Here a bot, there a bot

I've been super duper enjoying buying BotBots since their release. It's hard not to, they meet so many of my wants in toys. Right now I've been focusing on series 2 bling packs. They're readily available at the Walmart I buy groceries at each week. I usually pull up the check list on my phone and pick out a few I want. I've been making a point to not get any that are also in multi packs and going in picking out specific ones each week. It's much more fun for me that way and keeps things interesting. I find myself focusing on the food based ones (Food Changables for life), though the other ones are super fun too. This weekend I got Songwave, whom is a 'smart home' device like an Alexa. He's a reworking of Pucksie and honestly a toy I like better than the first use.

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