Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Micro Morphers in a plastic shoebox

Simply put, Micro Morphers are driving me crazy. Because not only are they type of thing I go crazy over, but also because I haven't found any yet. It's hard not to want these things. Blind bag toys, check. Blind bag toys of something I like, check. Neat looking blind bag toys of something I like, check. It's not helping that Target hasn't restocked the blind bag Jurassic World Dino Rivals in a minute, but man when they do... oh man. Freaking check.

I'm anticipating getting multiple extras as it's obvious that the molds are getting heavily reused. Hoping for available codes, preparing for a million extras. You get two figures per pack, which is pretty good. In the Zords packs you get 2 figures and a Megazord. I'm mainly worried about getting too many extra Megazords as they look like they'll take up more space. A bunch of the regular figures, no problem, I plan on just putting them in one of those plastic Sterilite shoe boxes anyway. One of those boxes are $1 and stack. No problem. But those Megazords might require they're own box.

I have hopes and plans of some weekend hitting Target/Walmart to buy a ton of Micro Morphers and Dino Rival blind bags. Then maybe get pizza on the way home and have a helluva good time opening them. That would be a busy time on my Instagram. I know how to party.

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