Thursday, March 14, 2019

Masterforce Latin American bumbers

Sometimes there's little things you don't consider. Take Masterforce for example, it's a Transformers series I've always enjoyed quite a bit. It's one of the Japanese original series that uses Transformers characters and gimmicks that weren't in the American cartoon series (aside from the intros and bumpers from season 5) and in a type of show I enjoy. It's a different take on Transformers and a fun one at that. By the time I learned of it, I knew it had saw release in some English speaking areas thanks to the Star TV dubs. I was aware that it was shown in some way in other countries but didn't really get into that much.

So I run across these versions of the bumpers from what's described as the Latin American version of the show. That's super neat! When I was growing up we only had cable in the living room and used an antenna in our bedrooms. At some point I started watching shows on the Spanish channels I could pick up. I didn't understand the language but you can generally tell what's going on. Random kaiju and cartoons (not to mention wrestling) would play on these channels and I often would watch depending on what they were showing versus the infomercials on the UHF stations after hours.

Man, if only I would have came across Masterforce or any of the Transformers Japanese series back then! My Powermaster Optimus Prime usually stood perched on my TV stand next to my game consoles as the monument of awesome that it is. At the time I only thought he was on those puppet segments of season 5, seeing Ginrai would have blown my mind!

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