Monday, March 25, 2019

Go Goldran!

Thanks to a random fake image, I've had Goldran on my mind lately. I'm not going to pretend to know everything about Brave (there's plenty of others online who'll be glad to do that), my knowledge is pretty basic. Goldran, somehow is the one Brave series I've gotten the most toys from though. A Korean Death Garry Gun, and a few bootlegs (I'm telling you, they're everywhere). One take away I've had since buying my bootleg Goldran is how much I marveled at just how much it fits into late G1 TF.

Sure, Brave is extremely Late G1 TF in design (it's basically late G1 as is) and of course Death Garry Gun (yes, that's his name.. it's one of those words don't always translate well) is a late G1 TF mold reused, like others in Brave. But Goldran, man...

That dragon mode draws mental comparisons to Trypticon for me. It's not exact, but it's there. I suppose it's the similar stature and proportions. That's fair, that'd be a pretty reasonable explanation as to why I do so. I've always felt the dragon head was similar too, though that's probably just me. Vacuum metalizing is always a point of contention among TF fans. While it looks great, it can flake away easily. So of course Goldran is almost completely coated in gold vacuum metal. Honestly, I think it's gorgeous. It's such a pretty toy, specially in that samurai super mode. It almost looks like a trophy as opposed to a toy, or in my case, a bootleg robot toy I bought at Tuesday Morning.

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