Wednesday, March 27, 2019

French Micromaster Combiners


I'm quite fond of the French Transformers jingle, it's just so pleasant. Recently Microforever has been down, causing an understandable amount of sadness in some circles (edit: it's back!). While it was a Microman and related lines site, it got me thinking about Micromasters (from the other side of Transformers with a similar name). With a site named after a Micromaster Base, it might be understandable that I'm quite fond of smaller Transformers. I've been eyeing my local stores for the newest batch of Siege Micromasters and Battlemasters, chomping at the bit for new a dose of Tiny TF.

Actually, earlier when I was driving to work, I was thinking about Mini-Cons. They've revisited the concept several times (though in reality they've just slapped the name on random Tiny TF), yet have never recaptured that magic found in the original Mini-Cons. Ironically that magic is pretty dammed similar to Siege Micromasters and Battlemasters, just having a bicycle plugged onto a dudes butt back then might have resulted in a gun popping out of somewhere.

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