Saturday, March 2, 2019

Beast Morphin Time

It's here!
After the long wait since it's reveal last year, Beast Morphers is finally on TV and soon on toy shelves. Zone Base readers know I've been really excited for this series and rest assured my DVR is set to record each episode. Currently my plan is to talk about the show on this months episode of Transform Squadron, but you know I'm all hyped up and just can't wait.

That's some sharp packaging
Images of the figures keep coming out and man they look great. Hasbro has really knocked it out of the park so far with these toys. They look awesome and I'm looking forward to see them hanging from the pegs at my local stores. I'm surprised to find the general foot solder for the bad guys, Tronic, to be whom I'm most interested in in the first wave.
It's hard not to love the way that looks. Those neat hand weapons, that sharp pink contrasting against the gray, and that fantastic silver mask. It's just a great look that translates well into an action figure. So far Beast Morphers is falling into the same mental category for me as a Konami arcade game in the early 90's. Just that same rad mix of colors and electricity in a crazy beat 'em up sci fi fantasy. It's so hard not to like this early going in, I can only hope a year from now it continues this trend. It's hard not to like a mojo like this.
If it's a tiny rubber toy in a blind box, you know I'm sold
I'm really antsy for the Micro Morphers and Playskool toys to come as that's likely the bulk of where my Ranger toy buying will be. The variety of Ranger characters and generations in what's one of my favorite type of toy to buy is impossible to resist. I can see a weekend where I just drop 20-30$ on Micro Morphers, come home, and open them while watching Rangers on Netflix or Tubi. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll see these adventures take place most likely. Ultimately it's looking like a great time is on the horizon and a great time is something I always have the time for.

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