Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Toylanta is like a month away

Toylanta is a month away and I'm pretty excited. Been making a mental shopping list that I won't adhere too, but I'll still make it. I really enjoy this con. There's no fandom drama or personalities crowbarring their way into the forefront, just a bunch of like minded people wanting to have a good time. The dealer space is this amazingly huge nebulous that just keeps expanding into each nook and cranny of the con space full of just about anything. While I'm certainly looking forward to the Transformers panel Dusty and I will be running, I'm really excited for the Kenner designers panel. That's going to be awesome. That and the parachute drop. It's always insanely fun and maybe a bit dangerous.

I'm really looking forward to this one dealer who has a huge set up of just random stuff. A back wall of things like Sideshow Dolls, and a table full of various bins. There's gold in them thar bins. Random themed bins with random prices lined up and fun to look through. Not to mention, the Micronauts and Transformers assorted around the dealers space. A little extra digging and you can find some really unique things. Oddball bootlegs or random Diakron figures. Stuff that you didn't expect to find. There's always this pair of dealers, facing each other in the same ailse each year. One just has a ton of cool stuff, including a plethora of fairly priced TF. The other, tons of capsule toys and sofubi. I like to plant myself on that aisle and just take it in.

There's a few places local to the con to eat, but I know I'll eat at the McDonald's at least once. It's nearby and a Big Mac is my favorite con food. It's time to prepare my con backpack for the show. I've got a new Samurai Tactical Backpack waiting to hold whatever random Cobra Viper I pick up. I do need to get a new hand sanitizer to clip onto one of the straps. Sure, I could just reuse the one from my TMNT backpack that used to accompany me, but it's very important that I match the sanitizer to the backpack. This is the utmost most serious of businesses to business and I won't take any exceptions to the business. I mean business. That's how you do business.

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