Monday, February 18, 2019

Toy Fair 2019 reflections

It practically ordered itself
Another Toy Fair has come and gone, and if you're anything like me, you're probably grateful for your social media to return to normal. All joking aside, as usual there was a ton of news for the upcoming year in toys. Most of the Transformers news was already made available prior to the event in form of press releases, sneak peaks on popular pop culture sites, and fandom news sources scouring the internet (how do they have the time?). Though there still was some surprises to be had and honestly, not going makes the spoiled surprises hardly an issue for me since it's just reading news (though partially the source of my sarcasm towards the onslaught of news over the weekend after they already leaked it the week earlier). Power Rangers had some great looks at upcoming toys and I'm really looking forward to some of that stuff. There's a great Star Wars pseudo vintage Kenner style line coming that I'm excited over. My love for those old Kenner figures has never faded (and likely why I like the standard/basic figures so much), so getting updates of those is something I'm all in for.

Super 7 showed off some cool stuff that I'm really interested in. I've always dug their ReAction line (see, Kenner style toys) and they've got some great stuff coming. I wish I would have got a better look at their M.U.S.C.L.E line (another favorite toy style), but such is how the news flow goes. I'm sure I will as time goes. Honestly I didn't get to see much more than I'm talking about here as that was majorly in my optics over the weekend. That's kinda the end result of a flood of news, you end up just taking a few sips of the water and head for dry land. I'll take in more in time as really, more in depth information will be made available as the things get closer to release.

To give a spotlight on my favorites from the show, well, as far as Transformers goes I'm still in awe of Siege. I absolutely love the line and don't see anything I don't want. Really looking forward to those 35th Anniversary toys. Great reuse of already excellent Siege toys. Cyberverse has some great toys coming, and even though I'll hardly buy all of them, the Spark Armor figures as well as a few stand outs like Alpha Trion are must gets. With Power Rangers I mainly plan on buying the Megazords when they come out in fall, though the Micro Morphers and Playskool figures will be bought regularly. I'm really excited for the vintage Star Wars toys, though my main source of excitement is for episode 9 toys and they'll show those more in the coming months. If they showed any Mega Construx, I didn't see it. So I'm hoping there's some good stuff coming as I really like the Heroes series. Same with Imaginext. Since Power Rangers has went to Playskool, my focus is the blind bags and whenever series 12 shows up, I'm scooping up that new Adventure People homage and the robot from Big. They have some neat Batman figures coming, I'll get a few of those I'm sure.

In all, there's a ton of great stuff coming and I'm pretty excited for it. I don't get too worked up for Toy Fair as most of the big news seems to only cover a few months out of the year anyway (they acted like Generations was ending last year, remember?), but it is nice to get that few months worth of news even if it means my social media is practically unusable for a weekend. I did buy a sweet pair of Reebox this weekend and like 50$ worth of pizza (so far on day 3 of just microwaving pizza instead of cooking, I'm going to call that a win) while playing Sega (I really like Sega). So, thinking I had a better weekend than the folks at Toy Fair.

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