Monday, February 4, 2019

Humble Bumble

Today I was putting some stuff up in my toy room and was fondly looking at some of the neat Bumblebee stuff my wife had given me. I've been quite enjoying myself in the post Bumblebee movie glow and am really looking forward to getting a copy of the movie next month when it comes out. I'm glad to see it doing as well as it's been doing and overall glad to have a live action Transformers movie to be as good as it is. Simply put, they made a great Transformers movie and I am very happy with it. Sunday, some concept art for the movie popped up online and wow is it cool looking. I can't help but wish some of those designs would have gotten used in the movie. I hope whatever movie comes next, whenever next may be, that it's just as much of a pleasure. Nice things are nice.

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