Thursday, February 14, 2019

Cyberverse season 2-Power of the Spark trailer!

  • Season 2, titled CYBERVERSE: POWER OF THE SPARK, is set to release fall 2019 with Cartoon Network USA.

  • In CYBERVERSE: POWER OF THE SPARK, the AUTOBOTS are closer than ever to finding the ALLSPARK, but completing their quest will be tougher than they could have imagined. They’ll face new enemies and be challenged by Earth’s roughest terrain, and along the way they’ll discover that, when near the ALLSPARK, they are imbued with incredible new powers.
  • Using one of these mysterious new abilities, the AUTOBOTS will convert Earth vehicles into Spark Armor: the battle-ready gear they need to defeat the DECEPTICONS and continue their mission. They’ll convert boats into mech suits to battle Sharkticons in the water. They’ll change planes into jetpacks to take on the Seeker Squadron in the sky. Any Earth vehicle is a chance to instantly level the playing field, turn the tables, and win the day. With the power of the spark in their circuits, the AUTOBOTS will complete their mission on Earth and begin the perilous journey back home, where that same power holds the key to returning life to their planet.

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