Friday, January 4, 2019

Soundwave turns into a guy who used to live down the street from me

My word, it's majestic
News broke while I was sitting at my desk working of even more Energon Igniters toys on the way. The news post gives new looks at the Ratchet I talked about earlier as well as the Nitro series Blitzwing and Dropkick that's been shown on news sites already (and look fabulous). That's not what's exciting, what's mind blowing is the Power Series Plus Soundwave and Ironhide that just melted my brain.
Soundwave just might be the best toy of the year and it's the first week of January. That is amazing. Turning into a radical rocker dude van with a freaking mural of Ravage and Laserbeak, Soundwave is literal perfection. I can only hope for a Shattered Glass and Soundblaster version. Man, a standard Power Series Soundblaster would be nuts. He could have a mural of Ratbat and Overkill and be a metal dude. OMG HE SHOULD HAVE A MURAL OF RATBAT AND OVERKILL AND BE A METAL DUDE. I might just shit my pants.
rock you like a hurricane
Ironhide decided to show up, and clearly he's made friends with a dude named Chet who blasts Motley Crue in the Circle K parking lot while crushing beer cans on his forehead. Just look at that badass truck, you know it smells like a carton of cigarettes. But wait, there's more!
plays with madness
Whoa, Ironhide is the most directly out of G2 dude yet. In fact, I demand the repaint be Turbofire. IT HAS TO HAPPEN. Good lord Energon Igniters is just the best thing to happen in in a long time. Simple, inexpensive, fun little Transformers toys with a TON of charm that take a page out of the book of what made older robot toys so great. I'm not crying, you're crying.

They're wonderful.

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