Monday, January 28, 2019

Great Value BotCon 2019 has begun

I figured it would be around fall or late summer that this years batch of Walmart G1 reissues would pop up, but no, I was wrong. Right off the bat, the Optimus Prime has begun popping up at Walmart stores. I was initially going to wait for clearance prices to hit or a sale as the price for the toy seemed a bit too high without the trailer. Though my wife convinced me of the absolute truth. I never find the amazing clearance deals. I've never seen a Titan Class for 40$ at Ollie's. It's just not something I've ever lucked up with. Everyone all over the net is finding Hot Rod's for dirt cheap and my stores sold out of him last fall (good thing I bought one on sight). So I went ahead and bought Optimus. Whatever, yolo. Ok, my wife put it in the cart, yolo.

Now I'm seeing Warpath and Gears are appearing at stores. Damn, that was fast. Fortunately those two combined are $20. Hoping more Mini-Bots come out this year and figure Soundwave will show up early spring. As much fun as I'm having with these, I do wish they'd have waited until the same time frame as last year for release. Just to make it a thing I do in fall/summer. I do wonder if they'll be more this year. These things are seemingly slipping by news sites radar, so who knows? Toy Fair is coming up pretty soon, so hopefully there will be more information then. Or information that's actually covered.

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