Friday, January 25, 2019

GiG Diaclone Powerdashers

Like others, I often compare Diaclone to Titans Return as they're super similar. Which has led me down the path of wondering why the Powerdashers didn't make an appearance in Titans Return. Sure, they were hardly a footnote in Transformers, but they played the same role in Diaclone as a Titanmaster partner or even how the Titans Returns incarnation of the Clones worked in the line. The more I think about it, they're pretty similar in construction to an Energon Igniter figure. If I could be so bold to hope for another line with Titanmasters/Primemasters style play gimmicks, maybe I could be just a touch more bold and hope for Powerdasher type figures.

Damn, I loved Titans Return.

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