Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Chiisana Kyojin Microman PSX

Sometimes it seems unfair when you see something you'd really would like but not available for your country (Oh sure, import the game, mod the Playstation, run an emulator, Raspberry Pi, yada yada I'm not doing any of that). I'd love to swing by a Walmart or Gamestop, or even some systems e-shop for this game. Kind of surprised it didn't get some weird release here under some strange name like "Galactic Fighter" in a budget release, but whatever. It looks great. Classic Microman in a shooty man type game, I'm in. Heck yeah gangsta.

It would be neat if Microchange bots would appear (and maybe they do and I don't know), but like post TF Diaclone, Takara isn't too keen on putting Transformers used bots in non Transformers stuff. Can't blame them, they're out to make money. MC-04 Car is a footnote in one toy line, while Bumblebee is currently starring in a popular movie (currently 413 million box office with a budget of 135 million... booyah). Obviously they don't want to dilute the product.

Still, man this just looks great. That old school sci fi of Microman is just charming as crap and dude is just something I could play all day.

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