Thursday, January 17, 2019


When it comes down to favorite versions of Batman, hands down mine's the Tim Burton movies. Always has been, always will. For me, Batman movies usually overdoes the dark and gritty or goes overboard with the whiz bang. The 1989 Batman was on even level with those things and just plain fun to boot. The assorted merchandise that came with it was part of the fun too. For a while that Batman logo on glossy black was everywhere and who couldn't love that? Though, even though it's hard to find evidence of now, the neon colors on black of Batman Returns merchandise are far superior in my opinion. It's hard not to love a bright orange line art of the Batmobile on a black t-shirt with technical specifications. Damn near impossible to be exact.

Thinking of the toy line that came with the 1989 movie by Toy Biz before they made Marvel figures, not only am I filled with just great thoughts of how good Toy Biz figures were before they started doing Marvel Legends (the Legends get all the focus), but also my discovery of the line. We regularly got catalogs from Warner Brothers filled with merchandises tied into the studios various movies and tv shows modeled by the stars of said shows and movies. One fateful late spring afternoon the newest edition of said catalog came and it was majorly Batman themed stuff. Almost nothing but Batman stuff including the toys that could be ordered before they were in stores! I think I read that catalog cover to cover a million times.


  1. I remember seeing Batman in theaters. Batman returns? Just a very fun movie overall. Penguin, Catwoman...awesome.

  2. Yep, saw them all opening weekend. Loved them.


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