Sunday, December 9, 2018

Cyberfire Cogman (turbo changer)

Cogman was introduced in The Last Knight and makes for a great looking Transformers toy. In vehicle mode Cogman is a silver sports car that's very sleek and fast looking. It makes me think of Nightbeat, even though they are different cars. I'm very pleased with this car. I made it drive all over my home while making 'vroom vroom' noises. As a Turbo Changer he transforms in just a few simple steps into a clockwork looking robot.

Cogman is a very solid and pleasant robot. If I had any complaints it's that his bronze colors blend into the light silver too easily. Despite that, he's an ideal simple robot toy. From his proportions to his silhouette, Cogman is a great Transformer. Honestly, he makes me think a lot of G2 Gobots or Spychangers. Aside from his transformation, he's very similar to those. He might be my favorite One Step/Turbo Changer figure to date.

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