Monday, December 10, 2018

Botbots first impressions

I was pleased to find Botbots series 1 blind boxes at my local Walmart this past weekend. Despite being on a "don't buy anything until after Christmas" order from the wife, I was allowed to get them. There are codes on the packaging embossed on the back right corner, so I picked out 7 individual figures (eventually I'm sure the list will be curated by somebody, the current lists available only apply to control numbers written on promotional packages apparently) and had myself a grand old time opening them Saturday night. Only to be surprised by a Techie Team pack the Mrs. had gotten me off Amazon afterwards, let's just say I had a great night.

I've been looking forward to these for sometime now and my expectations were blown out of the water. I honestly felt they'd be silly little novelty things that I'd appreciate on face value. What I found is these are some super solid Transformers toys on their own outside of the silliness. Despite being around the same price as Tiny Turbo Changers, these are a much better value. A better quality packaging, and honestly a better quality toy. Upon first glance they seem like spiritual successors to Food Changeables (and still kinda are), but in hand I found myself enjoying these in the same manner I enjoy Micromasters. Sure, they may turn into silly things like corn dogs and ice cream cones. Sure, they are super cute and silly in robot mode. They sure are super fun and work in the same space that Micromaster fit in. They're just great little toys.

If I had to find any fault in these, it's the plastic is a touch soft. This really isn't a problem, but sometimes allows for things like arms and legs popping off easily. It didn't really bother me as I do that with regular Transformers all the time. Though, it's sure to be somebodies sticking point outside of saying G1 over and over again and something something shelf. I'm pretty smitten with these and can't put into words the giddiness I felt upon opening the blind boxes. Despite buying Transformers for 35 years, there's no comparing opening a tiny corn dog robot.

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