Thursday, October 11, 2018

Who dat

This artwork has been floating all over the internet earlier today (at least as of when I woke up) of some unknown Generations character. Most are assuming it to be a Micromaster or Battlemaster for Siege while some are saying the art style doesn't match up with the Siege art we've been shown. Judging by the more traditional Optimus Prime in the image, I wonder if it's for some store/expo banner or even the trading card game. Of course it could be for Siege and not all the art is exactly the same.

I'm only posting because it's fun to speculate on a unknown Transformer. It's been a while since the opportunity to do that has came up. Usually it's pretty clear who the character is latley. I've been saying this since Titanmasters, but man these smaller 'Masters' figures from Generations are my favorite thing in Transformers these days. I would say I hope Takara gets wild with them like they've done in the past, but they've apparently stopped doing that for the time being. Recolors of small 'Masters' would make great premiums. Like a mail away, or a exclusive version inside a store exclusive gift set. Maybe even some sort of official organization, it would make a good 'freebie' type (because that cost totally wasn't folded into something else... nah).

EDIT ONE ETERNITY LATER: Mystery was solved. Well, that's neat.

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