Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Symbiotic Dark Cherry Liemade Brisk commercial

I really like Brisk. I can't say I drink it all the time, but pretty close to it. Ever since I learned of the new Venom themed Brisk I had to have it. Just right for Halloween time, just right for a Spider-Man fan, and just right for a Brisk flavor. Unfortunately I had the hardest time finding a bottle for no real reason, just my usual haunts never have it. Fortunately they usually have my favorite flavor, so I don't complain too much. So while out the other day running some errands, I found myself in a Family Dollar and what else do I find?

Venom Symbiotic Dark Cherry Limeade Brisk!

So I grabbed two bottles (it's only $1 a huge bottle) eagerly and stuck them in the fridge as soon as I got home. Bringing one to work with me, I could hear it calling me, demanding to drink it and have a taste. If you're not familiar with Brisk, let me give you a quick introduction. It's a half and half beverage by Lipton in partnership with Pepsi. A half and half is half iced tea and half lemonade of some variety. The Venom Brisk is half tea, half dark cherry limeade. I usually enjoy a good cherry limeade, so this was really calling out to me. Like a symbiote to a host.

How's it taste?

Pretty darn good. At first I wasn't too impressed with it, but over the course of the bottle began enjoying it more as sometimes with soft drinks, the first impressions aren't lasting. The dark cherry variation of cherry limeade is new to me and took a bit to get used too. It's a little sweeter than I anticipated, and the dark cherry dominates the flavor with the lime being more of a chaser. It's good. The dark color is really neat, I'm used to the more bright green of my usual Brisk so the dark red is really standing out. The color also fits Halloween time as it could easily pass for blood if ever in a vampire themed release.

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