Friday, October 5, 2018

Happy Dance

More news from NYCC has been coming and boy oh boy is it my kind of news! New renders of Cyberverse and Energon Igniters figures have been popping up showing me stuff I just can't help but to love. Transformers is the music I can't hear enough and the upcoming year's verse is the very song that I'll gladly put on repeat.
I'm very happy to see Shadow Striker get a scout release and find it just a bit better looking than the larger 20$ toy, so that's a definite plus! Also a Soundwave with a super rad Laserbeak launching action is hard to deny as pure awesome. Not to mention more Hot Rod. Love me some Hot Rod. It looks like some great releases in my personal fan favorite Power series is coming by way of a few creative repaints as well as some new molds. Man... just MAN I wish these had some crazy launching missile gun, or water changing action with squirter because they are ssssooooo descendants of G2 gimmick figures in design. Seeing as they're outfitted with a port for that Energon Igniter gimmick block, maybe some crafty fans can make some nifty Axelerators type guns to hold in bot mode and store as engines in vehicle mode.

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