Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Energon Igniters Power Series (wave 1)

From left to right: Hot Rod, Bumblebee, Megatron, and Dropkick in vehicle mode

The Energon Igniters toy line from the Bumblebee movie created a new size class called the Power Series. These are relatively simple figures with a lot of charm. If you're confused about them, don't worry, I was too at first. News sites didn't give the Energon Igniters the best coverage information initially and I thought these were a renamed version of Scouts. If you were to look at them in stores, you'd think they were Turbo Changers at first glance as they have the same style packaging. Once you get past the initial confusion, there's a fun little series of figures to be found.

robot mode

As I said above, the figures are simple Transformers. Not a lot of bells and whistles. A few steps to transform and limited articulation. That might turn off those that prefer lot's of articulation and more involved transformations. That's fine, these are more intended for children at a lower cost ($9.99 each... yeah I know, that's what deluxes used to cost). However if you like simple fun Transformers, you're in for a treat. The larger price class Energon Igniters comes with a power core gimmick cube that also connects to the Power Series and Speed Series (formerly Legions Class) which adds sounds and lights basically. The pleasure in these is similar to my enjoyment of the more simpler Transformer toys as a whole. For me, and I'm sure others, they are a return to form to older Transformers in design. These figures remind me a lot of certain Generation 2 toys.

They have that same build and skeleton of those older figures that I really have always enjoyed and wanted again. Thankfully with the advent of simpler Transformers a few years ago, I've gotten just that without sacrificing the newer advanced figures. It's a win win for me. Who doesn't like to be a winner winner? Who wouldn't want a chicken dinner?

attack mode
The figures are roughly four inches in robot mode, about the same as the mentioned G2 toys I've compared them to. Megatron has the only non Earth based vehicle mode, transforming to his Cybertronian tank form from Revenge of the Fallen. Honestly I wish he was in his Dark of the Moon truck, but I'm not going to complain as the tank gives the line a little variety. Bumblebee turns into his older Camaro form from the 2007 movie. Hot Rod and Dropkick share the same mold with a few differences (head, engine block on hood) as a even older Camaro.

As far as the toys go, Hot Rod and Dropkick are my favorite. Bumblebee comes in second, though I'm not fond of his transformation. It's not terrible, just the way you fold the front of his legs up into place feels like it could have been better. Megatron's vehicle mode doesn't seem complete. The space where the gimmick block would fit leaves a large opening in the back of the tank. I'm sure a pricier figure that would have had a panel to cover it up, but as is... the buck apparently stopped there and looks like something is missing.

The toys have an 'attack' mode of sorts, basically flip up guns in car mode. The figures themselves don't have accessories, so that gives them a bit of firepower. Bumblebee also has displayed guns in robot mode, so he's obviously ready for a fight. Megatron's attack mode is really just some wings giving him a flight mode. I suppose being a tank, he doesn't really need a flip out gun.

Dropkick has a neat little G2 homage
As I've said, I really like these little guys. Just an inexpensive Transformers toy that are fun to play with and look neat. The throwback to the older style of toy obviously favors heavy in my opinion of them. If you don't share that same fondness, or don't like simple figures you'd probably not like these. In all, they're fun and that's what it's all about. If you're curious, give one a shot. You might be glad you did.

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