Friday, October 12, 2018

Drone Footage of a Clown Creeper

I occasionally think about getting into drones. It looks super fun and I think it would be cool to get some great videos, you know? But considering the costs involved and the actual spare time I have, it just doesn't work out to more than a 'that would be neat'. I've mentioned I watch a lot of spooky videos and weird stuff caught by drones/security cameras always fascinates me. Because assuming it's not staged, that's pretty freaky. Double freaky considering I've been really contemplating getting a security camera, specially whenever we move. So the idea of flying a drone around and ... well there's one of those damn clowns... just prowling about for someone to scare. That'd be weird. Maybe scary, I mean, what if you were just flying one of those things around and caught one of the clown creepers attacking somebody? Man.

I remember a few years ago when the clown epidemic was at it's biggest point there was one seen a few times at the Walmart by my work. My wife was worried for my safety as I often stop there on my way home or make a quick run on my lunch break for stuff. I'd knock a fool out, but still. It makes me wonder, as there's quite a bit of factories and warehouses around here, what's the chances of one in my companies parking lot? I'd knock a fool out, but still.


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