Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Red Bugs

Ever since I got my Studio Series Bumblebee this past Sunday, I've been really wanting a red version of him. Not Cliffjumper, not Stinger (ok, maybe Stinger), but the red Bumblebee from various reasons in G1. I've always liked the way the classic BB looked in red and looking at my new VW Bee... man that sculpt would just really pop en rojo. I could probably take the Speed Series incarnation instead. I guess it doesn't matter, but man I just really dig the way movie Bee looks in this VW form. I could see some really neat exclusive with mock Brazilian packaging. Or really, just a play off those rando G1 cards with a red BB inside.
While I can hear folks complaining about the amount of Bumblebee toys already... Look, I'm just thinking about myself here.

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