Saturday, September 29, 2018

Magic Manor commercial

You know, I miss these types of commercials. I still see local business commercials mind you, but it's normally for things like lawyers, doctors, and car dealers. These kid of shops generally don't have commercials on TV any more, usually relying on social media to help spread the word. I understand, times change. Though I have to mention, I do hear local business commercials on radio though. A few years ago I moved to the rural outskirts from the suburbs of a major American city and was very happy to find small local radio stations. I love listening to the radio and remember all the small town stations I'd listen to growing up. Even when we moved to those suburbs of a large city, that's mainly what was available until the mid-90's when giant companies seemingly took over the local radio outlets.

So now, I'm very pleased to find myself hearing a home made commercial for a gas station off some odd road while driving home. Now that Halloween is near, there's more local festivals and pumpkin patches getting plugged. It's pretty neat.

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