Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Halloween Whopper commercial

Man, I really miss this one. Sure, it was just a Whooper with A-1 on it, something they do practically every other month already, but it had a SCARY BLACK OMG HALLOWEEN HAMBURGER BUN! Little things go a long way, and a special spooky wrapper and a black bun did just that. BK claimed the bun was infused with A-1 flavor, which I don't think I outright noticed, but it was really good... so maybe I just assumed it was the A-1. A-1 is good. I just typed A-1 a lot.


The bummer is, somewhere along the way people started listening to stupid people again and well what happens when you eat a lot of food coloring? Well let's keep it classy, but it's hilarious later. So the more dumber people of society caused such a stir over what could probably easily be guessed would happen and it got pulled early never to return. Ironically there was a spicy Whopper with a red colored bun some time later and nobody said anything. Which honestly, that color would have been actually something to get upset about later.


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