Thursday, August 16, 2018

Places I'd like to be this weekend

There's two conventions going on this weekend I'd love to be at, first off the annual TFNation Transformers convention in the UK that since it's inception has looked like a really great time. UK TF fans do things a bit different than US TF fans and I'd love to experience it for myself. There's always a bunch of cool fan made items (been seeing pictures of a freaking Firecon candle!) and zines that I see that always make me wish I was there.

Power Morphicon is also going on this weekend in California and boy I wish I was there. With this year being the first since Hasbro has taken over, I'm sure it's going to be a blast. First peeks of new Hasbro Power Rangers product is supposed to be shown and I can't wait to finally see Beast Morphers stuff!

The Mutant & Monster Mayhem show was last weekend, but I still would have loved to go. Serving the needs of various monster (horror/kaiju) fans, this would have been really neat to experience for me.

Now where am I going to be this weekend? At home with my wife, which is pretty much the best place to be. There just isn't time for us to do any travel right now, but that's ok. We have a pretty awesome life. This weekend (after I wake up from work), we plan to check out some local stores that are supposedly getting Halloween stuff in. This includes Ross and Tuesday Morning who've been getting TF5 stuff in and I'd really like to find Cogman as well as scope out any cool k.o robots that Tuesday Morning might surprise me with. So while I wish I was at these awesome places, I'm going to have a great weekend regardless. Hope everyone else does as well.

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