Friday, August 24, 2018

Haunted Mansion ride through

SInce I was just talking about Disney and Halloween... well shucks, can't not talk about the Haunted Mansion! This is a really good quality video, though I will say it bleeds out some of the better projection effects (Leota, Constance) and the sound is a big wall of sound. Normally each sound comes at you from individual places while the music plays in the background and all of it on top of each other in the video drowns out the Ghost Host who's speakers are in your Doom Buggy. Regardless, the video quality is so good you can really make out a lot of the details. Speaking of a Ghost Host who's audio is drowned out in the video, one of the reasons I picked this one was you can clearly see the crow. He's a little easier to see here than in the ride itself in some parts. Fun fact, at one point he was intended to be the Ghost Host, which is why you see him whenever the narration comes on.

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