Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Cyberverse first impressions

So, before I had said I planned to watch Cyberverse as it broadcasts instead of in demand and on apps... so, I totally didn't do that and watched the first 2 episodes today on my in demand menu. There's still episode 3 to watch in the morning as I enjoy my daily bagel and grapefruit. Just like every other fan who decides to post his opinions on the internet, I've decided to talk my first thoughts. Clearly it's super important that I do.

I liked it.

Now, before I go any further, I can already hear some of you saying 'you like everything'. I can see how it seems that way, but that's not true. I don't choose to spend my leisure time with things I don't enjoy and Transformers is fortunately one of the things I have a hard time not enjoying. So, if it seems that I like something that I normally like... then I guess you paid attention to the normal behaviors of an average person and his habits. I firmly believe that everyone has the right to be themselves, and that extends to me too.

So, in the first two episodes that I watched, the premise of the show was introduced. Bumblebee has lost his memories (he's even forgotten how to talk) and his friend Windblade has found him and is trying to help him remember as he's on a very important mission. The two episodes were very chronological, which I don't know if will be an ongoing thing or just for the beginning of the show. Personally I was hoping for a more episodic show, but I really don't mind this approach. Episodes are about 10 minutes long, so it wouldn't take too much to catch up if I got a little behind.

One problem I've always has with most shows is that the first few episodes usually differ from the rest of the actual show. Generally it takes a bit for the creative forces to find their groove and get everything to gel together on top of the initial introduction of characters and world building they have to do. This is more prominent in a cartoon as it usually is more concept driven than a sitcom, so with the shorter episode format of Cyberverse, I fear it might take a little longer to get the car on the interstate (so to say). Regardless, what I've seen so far has been enjoyable.

I like the big bright colorful characters. I enjoy the humor in their dialog. So far the show is a bit funny, which could change as it goes along, but it's funny right now. I like that. Sure, I enjoy a darker more mature show. Not everything has to be dark though, so a more cheerful show is just as welcome as a brooding one. I like the glimpses of Cybertron. The art direction of the show looks really sharp on Cybertron and the robots themselves. It's a simple approach that works well. I've posted the intro here before, it really fits in well. An episode does a short cold opening, into intro, and back into the show. Short, sweet, and simple. It's a nice bit sized nugget in a world of tweets. I like the theme music too. I never really liked the theme music for Robots in Disguise (2015, I loved the old shows music) while I enjoy the catchy electronic jingle here.

I plan to watch the third episode in the morning and each episode as it becomes available to me. With such a short run time, it'll be easy to watch even with as busy as life can get. I hope the show continues to be enjoyable and hope it continues to get better as it goes on. Right now it's pretty pleasant and fun, which for the introductory episodes is all you can really ask for. Hopefully it continues to be so.

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