Monday, August 27, 2018

Bright Light Monday

He's practically a light source.

I've been particularly busy this weekend. I don't know if any of you reading this might have noticed, as I scheduled all of the past few days posts ahead of time. It dawned on me as Monday is sort of a dead posty day around here, that I should make a semi-regular Monday post. Like a, what the crap I did this past weekend post. I mean, sometimes I post during the weekend among the scheduled posts. Sometimes I don't. I assure you this is very important to do. I think. I'm sure.

For the record, I'm sure I've said this before here, but I'll say it again for clarity and because... because. I work overnight. Generally from 6pm -7am with a few extra hours put in Saturday morning to assure I don't need to come back in to finish anything up. So, usually my weekends are spent with my wife whom I don't see a lot during the week (thus the mostly scheduled posts). Today, I actually had to come in a few hours earlier for a work related class. So my internal clock in way off.

Saturday, after getting home, instead of going to sleep for a few hours, the wife and I went out after I showered so we could hit a few stores as they first opened. Following the beginning of Halloween several stores have their official launch of seasonal products, so we wanted to get to Bath & Body Works as well as Yankee Candle to get an early start on their Halloween products for this year. Well my wife did, it's more her thing, but I felt like coming along. We also hit up Walmart and Target where I scored a Dracula Mego and POTP Novastar. I had intended to grab the Cyberverse Scout Starscream and Megatron, but the Cyberverse toys were wiped out. That's right haters, they're selling. I live in the rural outskirts of a major American city, so I don't know if that's much of an indication, but you know... perhaps. So it looks like I have to wait for a restock on the remaining Scouts but was happy that they sold well.

After waking up, I watched the new episode of Ninja Steel on my DVR. I enjoyed how it obviously segways into the 25th anniversary episode showing Tuesday night (Happy Early Power Ranger Day!) and introduced the Blaze Megazord into the show. People crap on Ninja Steel (go figure), but this was a pretty decent episode. The use of classic Power Ranger music in recent episodes is a definite plus.

Cyberverse finally showed on my DVR listing so I set my recording schedule. I'm aware that a few episodes are already available on Cartoon Network's site and app, but I plan to watch them off my DVR as they broadcast. Though, keep such things as Cartoon Network posting them on their app and site or setting a DVR in mind for when people who manage to watch shows that don't come on in their country complain about the shows time slot.  Just watch, somehow they just can't figure out how to watch it.

Speaking of Cyberverse, earlier today when I was making myself sleep all day so I could be functional off my normal schedule, I spied some stock photos of upcoming toys online. It's nothing new, toy's we've known are coming, but it did sell me on Acidstorm. Before I hadn't noticed just how freaking eye searingly bright he is. Maybe even brighter than Actionmaster Thundercracker and that's saying something! So, of course I have to have it. He's so bright, he might just make a good back up flash light.

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