Friday, July 6, 2018

Transformers Land

I don't make my love of Universal Studios or the Transformers Ride at Universal Studios any secret. So when I came across these conceptual images of a Transformers land for the in development Beijing Universal Studios Park, of course I got super ridiculous. Right now it's not confirmed, so there's no guarantee it will be a reality, but man wouldn't it be cool... and slightly depressing. The Orlando park is expensive enough of a trip, let alone going across the globe and then going to the park. Yikes. One thing of note is the re-theme job of the Incredible Hulk roller coaster as a TF coaster. That's a pretty good use of resources and one of the most popular coasters these days.

I got all this info from Theme Park University, one of my favorite sites on the internet. If you dig enough around the site you might see why. It's fascinating!

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