Thursday, July 19, 2018

San Diego Heck Yeah- Post of Mega Happiness

Disclaimer: this will be a stream of thought, probably not coherent in any way

Holy crap, I love everything coming from SDCC this year. Like, mindlessly love. I'm so freaking excited. I can't believe the stuff that's seemingly tailored to me coming that I will probably spend too much money on but holy crap I want it so bad that I can't believe this is really happening.

Links to current news items as of me writing this.

I had no link handy for this, but dude Nano Power Rangers. I've really wanted this to happen.

A Legacy Wars movie!!!!

There's just so much freaking awesome stuff that I'm just skimming the top here and man I can't believe it. Everything thing is love! I feel like I won an award. If you can't stand happiness and joy, I'm going to be unbearable for a while.

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