Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Headmaster of the class

I just really dig the intro music for Headmasters. I've always liked the show quite a bit, but man that intro song is just great. Yeah, yeah... insert guy who put's himself in front of everything at every chance telling me how bad Headmasters is... and just like every other fandom zealot, I ignore them completely (too many folks want to make everything about them). I actually quite like the Japanese series despite how different they are from the American produced ones. Admittedly, I really like Transformers and have a hard time not enjoying Transformers, so go figure I'd like Transformers.

When I first learned of the new seasons made for Japan I was instantly keyed in on finding out as much as I could about them. Here I was in my late teens, Beast Wars was showing in syndication and the internet was becoming available to me. First something at school, then shortly after at home. All I wanted to do was consume all the stuff I didn't know about all the stuff I liked. Suddenly those weird cheap robot toys at Big Lots made a bunch of sense, turns out they were knock offs of Transformers from Japan and other parts of the world!

As much as I enjoyed the Rebirth, I always felt cheated as it was a rushed ending. Sure, I loved season 5, G2, and all the other ways reruns were packaged... but I wanted more. So of course more seasons was just the ticket. Headmasters ignores The Rebirth and acts as a more complete season 4. After that the series kinda follows a more traditional Japanese super robot cartoon format, which is ok by me as I like super robot cartoons as well as variety. I really enjoyed the way Headmasters work better in Japanese fiction than American. It's just more logical too me. The way Titanmasters work fictionally makes better sense to me than US Headmasters as well.

In Japan, the Headmaster is the character and is a tiny dude using the body to make himself bigger. That makes sense. In the US version, it's another guy sharing a body. When the head is disconnected, the actual Transformer is just a car. It's allegedly a play on 'two heads are better than one', but it was always kinda clunky to me. Sure, for a Targetmaster it makes all the sense in the world. The gun aims itself and acts as a partner. A Headmaster? Well great, now this guy has two personalities and one is just a car. A Titanmaster gives the TF it's partnered with special abilities, so now it makes sense as to why somebody would willingly give up their head to share a body with. It's an upgrade of sorts, to me anyway.

So uh... I like the song...

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