Monday, July 23, 2018

Cyberverse this fall on Cartoon Network

News of Cyberverse's channel and release time frame just seeped out and I'm pleased. This Fall on Cartoon Network. I was kinda hoping for Nickelodeon, but Cartoon Network is fine. I already hear the cries of a bad time slot, but I'm going to DVR it anyway, so *shrug*.  Either way, it's great news for me as I really am looking forward to this show. Admittedly because I do something something Transformers and cartoons, but after the clips shown at SDCC this past weekend, I think the show looks great.


  1. It does look great, I gave up on rid 2.0 after season 2 just because it wasn't that interesting to me. Characters were ok but meh.

  2. I quite enjoyed RID 2.0, but it ran it's course and this looks like a good time.


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