Saturday, June 9, 2018

Pillow Fort Max

He almost looked like this
I've always really liked Fortress Maximus. Just have. Just really dig his look. I wish there was more of him available at a smaller size. I have the Kabaya kit, it's love. I'd like to get the TF JR version, and hope to find that tiny K.O of him someday at a Tuesday Morning. Just to have more Max and also so I'm not wrestling with a toy the size of a toddler like when I play with my G1 or Titans Return versions. In fact, the first night I was playing with my G1 Fort Max I hurt myself a few times due to his size. There I was, a broke community college student who finally gotten his own Fortress Maximus after wanting one for so long. I was in my bedroom in the apartment I had at the time. It was pretty late at night and I had just finally got some time to myself after another shift at the crappy Office Max I worked at and the hordes of people that always find a way to your place when you're young finally left.

I was sitting on my bed, cross legged, in a pair of basketball shorts and a t shirt. Just chillaxing and playing my finally acquired treasure. My large, stiff hinge jointed treasure that required to be put into wrestling holds to transform. Then it happened, I closed a part and with a loud kachunk... I pinched a good couple of inches of skin in the hinge and while gasping in pain pulled my arm from the trap trying not to curse too loud (roommate was asleep). There was a long red line forming on my arm and swelling.

I had given myself a 4 inch long blood blister with Fort Max. 


Wiping the tears from my eyes, I carefully put him back into robot mode... from a  slight distance. I held my robot joy up in the air to look upon him, sitting cross legged... and man he's kinda heavy...

He slipped and fell right into my man parts.


So, needless to say I put him away for the night.

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