Friday, May 11, 2018

The most incredible micros of all!

Considering this site is named after a Micromaster base, it's not a stretch to understand my fondness for smaller Transformers. Upon hearing/reading the rumors this morning of the Micromasters in the upcoming War For Cybertron line (it's a post down from this one, that's kinda silly to link to) I was ecstatic. All day I've been bopping along humming happily, it's been a great day for fan excitement. I stopped by the local Family Dollar on the way home for some snacks for work tonight and boom, there was the new larger Authentics (I'll be posting about them in the coming days) figures, which just added to my overall excitement and happiness. A couple of back and fourths with Shawn over the possibilities of blind bag Micromasters at the local Walmart just added to it. I look forward to next Toylanta and talking about them with him. I'm really curious about the Battlemasters. I'm assuming they'll be similar in how Legends worked with Titanmasters/Primemasters , but seeing how they have a new name, I'm curious. I guess when/if the rumors get verified (the source is pretty credible) in the coming months I'll find out for sure. Just man, to quote WCW, I'm Buff and I'm the stuff... wait... wrong quote...

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