Thursday, May 31, 2018

Redman intro

I won't lie, I've been feeling a bit beat down lately. I just want to curl up in front my TV, eat some pizza (nice big glass of Pepsi to wash it down with), and watch some of my silly shows. I've been on a bit of a Redman kick lately, and ain't nothing wrong with that. Low rent, no plot, and high on crazy. Redman is a great tokusatsu series by the folks behind Ultraman and Godzilla. What makes it great? Well, like some other older toku series, episodes are just a few minutes long. The short time frame doesn't allow for anymore plot other than 'there's a monster, Redman's here to fight it'.

Fight it he does as an entire short is exactly what you watch these silly things for, the rubber monster carnage. What makes these a little more special is that... Redman kinda just randomly attacks and kills monsters the majority of the time. Like, more often than not, a monster is just existing and there he is. On a show like Power Rangers/Super Sentai, when the monster is destroyed, you get a flashy move and the monster explodes. In Redman... well... he'll stab them to death, break their necks, throw them off a cliff, sometimes just bash their heads in. Then for good measure he might just throw the corpse off a cliff. Honestly it's a little jarring to see a monster just get beheaded like a victim of Jason Vorhees. Also, part of the charm.

Just talking here about this silly show has cheered me up a little bit, so I think a marathon of episodes with a big old pizza this weekend is just what I need.

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